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5 Facts, 5 Tracks: Mistrust


Newly established Archway Records are igniting their year’s schedule with a hypnotizing debut single from titillating rising talent Mistrust.

Will Charnaud AKA Mistrust is a classically trained musician and has been from the very early years of his life. He has spent the more recent years honing his craft in the world of electronic music production, placing focus on deep and heavyweight sounds.

Boasting a debut single on Friction’s SGN:LTD, sister label to Shogun Audio, Mistrust has ventured further to established labels including Soulvent and Archway Records, delicately proving to avid listeners that quality composition and production gets picked up very quickly.

With his feet firmly on the ground, and with a very exciting career ahead of him, Mistrust looks to ensure the ethos of himself as an artist is at the forefront of his mind. Never losing sight of staying true to musicianship, adding to his catalogue is the primary aim of 2021. With releases lined up throughout the year, festival performances booked in and radio sets to boot, Mistrust is a name that should and will be on your radar.

Continuing true to form Archway Records present 2 high-quality productions that make full use of Mistrust’s classically trained ear.

Despite lead single ‘Hooked’ possessing both the synth and sub-bass lines to cause even the most subconscious screwface, the club-ready track was created out of the club and is raring for its first test in the UK, after receiving great festival support in New Zealand. Somewhat on the other end of the spectrum, ‘Lies’ is a masterful example of how less is more, with subtle movements and changes occurring throughout – definitely one for the heads.

To coincide with this release, which has garnered huge support from some of the scenes leading trailblazers, we thought we’d get to know Mistrust a little bit more. Read on to find out 5 cool facts about him and 5 tracks that he loves.

5 Facts

  • I was classically trained on the trumpet at school. Although I’ve been listening to electronic music since I was about 11, it wasn’t until I was 18 that I decided to make the move from trumpet to production. 
  • Alongside drum and bass, I’ve just decided to start a new downtempo vocal alias. I’m going to be exploring using a lot more of my own vocals in my dnb productions moving forward as well…
  • My first time playing in front of a crowd was at a houseparty where there was a last-minute nightmare with the decks. I ended up doing the set on a laptop with no headphones. Most stressful set of my life… so far.
  • I have a tattoo of the Georgian word for ‘walnut’. I’m also really allergic to nuts.
  • I’ve eaten more mayonnaise than any other living being. 

5 Tracks

Makoto ‘Wave’

Easily one of my all time favourite Drum & Bass tunes, everything about it is perfect in my eyes. The swelling pads and blissful guitars create such a relaxed, dreamy atmosphere that’s driven forward by the breaks and that bouncy sub line. You don’t really get many 9-minute long Drum & Bass tunes these days, it’s a proper journey; definitely one of the best records in my collection.

Alix Perez ‘Crooklyn’

Timeless track; it still sounds really fresh whenever I hear it out. Those sampled keys are seriously sexy, and that bassline is a proper rumbler on a big system. A perfect example of less is more, I think.

Yussef Kamaal ‘Strings of Light’

The entire album, ‘Black Focus’, is worth mentioning; it was pretty much playing on repeat around the house whilst I was studying in Leeds. Dayes’ drumwork is beyond incredible, and watching it live is something to behold. The solo is awesome as well, and, coming from my trumpet-playing background, it would be rude to not select this one from the album.

Orbital ‘The Girl With The Sun In Her Head’

Difficult to pick one Orbital track for this list, but I think it has to be this one. I remember when I was first getting into electronic music I went and bought a bunch of CDs from HMV and ‘In Sides’ was one of them. I was blown away by this tune. From that heartbeat intro and the moment those sampled breaks first come in, to the Hammond organ and synth solo in the second half, it’s a real journey of a tune. I would love to have seen them back in the 90s. 

Blade Runner Blues ‘Vangelis’ 1982 – [HD]

The entirety of the ‘Blade Runner’ score is without a doubt my favourite music ever. Such a stunning atmosphere throughout the whole film. Hard to choose a favourite but I think ‘Blade Runner Blues’ just about gets it. The whole thing is so simple; a soundscape of pads that swell in and out, whilst the main synth is just soloing lazily over the top. Love chilling out to this one.

Mistrust drops his ‘Hooked’ single on Archway Records today! Check out the B-side ‘Lies’ below and grab the single from here


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