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2 YEARS – The Best Of Lucid Dreaming Records


artworks-000076028936-kyfou9-crop.jpgLabel: Lucid Dreaming RecordsScore: 8/10 

Manifesting in late 2011, Western Australia – Lucid Dreaming Records immediately threw themselves at the ideology emanating from their initial vision. Ambition is all that lights the way through new media and it’s gone viral.  Focusing amongst the glare of global competition is proper, proper hard. Everyone has an equal opportunity to become unequal and you are then faced with the task of staying there. LDR originate from as close to the middle of nowhere as literal can get. They’ve engaged enough ears to consider geography redundant and constructed the confidence to blossom wherever they may be.

The sampler; ‘Two Years – The Best of Lucid Dreaming Records’ celebrates the sound of the label so far. It seems necessary to document growth, nail your colours to the mast. ‘I did this when I was here’.

The Internet – our new communal conscience – continues to concede its consistencies. Routers are reasonably well travelled and 1 million flashing banners have been exiled and filed along side Encarta 95. We witness the dust settle around the opportunities occupied.  The first generation to live with next-gen convenience is coming of age and our online clamor for culture doesn’t take noise complaints. Label boss Aarin Fraser’s continuous mix will surface online this week with LDR looking to navigate further forward. Everything remains mostly meritocratic online and popular music’s mutinous move to the electronic industry is well looked after. There’s free space and new time, for the time being…

Lucid Dreams rise on a wave arced over its own architecture. The music that made todays music is set beside it’s own antecedent. We can hear everything there is to be heard today and it reflects on tomorrow. ‘The Best of LDR’ neatly encapsulates and displays the pace and depth of the new age. A lot has happened for them in 2 years but a lot has happened for everyone. The heads nodding with change work without restrictions or comparative. Lucid Dreams Records seem entirely aware progress promotes itself.  Stand back and clap your attempts to catch up and you’ll only be further behind.  LDR see progress as a maxim, not a way to one. 

Evidently, the sampler features an exclusive ‘re-rub’ of Flex Cop’s popular ‘I Been Looking’ and a further freebie from Fraser himself. Ensuing EP’s from Sis and Mikalogic ensure LDR will swell again in the encroaching months and stretch the spectrum of opportunity. Exposure is automatic now, what you do with what you get is all that can garner more.

The label seems to insist on paving the next step before taking the one prior. It’s this ethos and the consequent methods that brought Lucid Dreaming Records to my attention and they’ll take the same route to the next man, I’m sure.


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