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Spotlight Mix

Nicolas K joins the Spotlight Mix Series



Nicolas K always strives to deliver forward-thinking, energetic house sets with his selection of groovy and techy tracks, driven by rolling bass lines, funky percussions and stabby synths. He puts a great joy and passion into discovering new labels and artists, to keep his sets fresh and intriguing, leaving you with an irresistible desire to keep on dancing!

Through the course of the years, Nicolas has played a variety of the top electronic venues in Denmark, where the two more internationally known to mention are Culture Box and KB18.
 Since the beginning of 2017, Nicolas has also been making his impact on the underground scene in Malmö (Sweden), playing at both established clubs and open-air parties, but also at multiple underground warehouse parties.

Today, he joins the Spotlight Mix series.

1. Flam Department – All Those Times (Original Mix)
2. Kevin Corral – Beep Beep (Original Mix)
3. Bang Tidy – Tiny Banger (Original Mix)
4. Kai Zen, DAF – Pumping (Original Mix)
5. Toucan – Burn (Volac Remix)
6. Soul Divide – All Night Long (James Burton Remix)
7. Tenova – Pump It Up (Cut Snake Remix)
8. SB(UK) – Thang (Original Mix)
9. Durosai – Starship Theodorus (Enlightened Mix)
10. Bob Gravity – Vampin’ (Original Mix)
11. Del Shannon – Runaway (Nutty’s Late Night Edit)
12. Bendtsen – Solace (Original Mix)
13. Rendher, Richard Ulh – Pop That Dirty (Original Mix)
14. Zebob – Take Back (Original Mix)
15. Massive Jack & Brutto B – Fucking Night (Original Mix)
16. Andre Jetson – Freedom (Original Mix)