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Spotlight Mix

ANICHE joins the Spotlight Mix


ANICHE is an artist that manages to seamlessly amalgamate Western musicality with his North Indian heritage into one cohesive experience – be it as a music producer or a DJ. Supplemented by an array of influences ranging from World Music and Cinema, to 90s Electronica and beyond, his style is uniquely reflective of himself, channelling as much of his life in Dance music as his more quaint and/or soulful sensibilities.

Born and bred in Britain, his cultural upbringing was grounded as much in Hindi mainstream as it was UK pirate radio! However, it was his lifelong experience of synaesthesia that led him into the psychedelic side of Sound, and which continues to influence and inspire him in all forms of creativity.

Writing and producing music since early childhood, DJ-ing came in 2005 with his first residency in his native Essex, having never touched decks before. Like a bird in a breeze, his ascent was swift, and before long a handful of residencies across Leicester – coupled with an assortment of shows on student radio – soon had him playing internationally for private events, taking his trademark 3-Deck-Set everywhere he went, never shying away from long-form DJ-ing that could last anywhere from 4 to 10 hours a night! But it was on the island of Ibiza, in 2018, that Aniche caught his first real break.

Landing a residency at Ibiza Rocks Bar, after meeting DJ/Producer Doorly on the second of his mentorship retreats – which then led to him cultivating his uniquely stylistic “Asiatic Dance Music” and “Himalayan Soul” sounds, before signing his first official release to Doorly’s Reptile Dysfunction label – Aniche is one of the freshest talents in the industry right now… and with a stack of music just beyond the release horizon, has more to offer than anyone could imagine!

Aniche says about his ‘Sunset To Sunrise’ mix “This 3-Deck-Set is a brief summary of what I get up to in the DJ booth, whilst also making a statement about who I am, the journey I’m on, and how I’m planning to get to my destination. As always, there is a strong Asiatic tinge, with some exclusive “ChE” edits that you won’t get anywhere else, but also a few sneaky previews of some as yet unreleased material! So I really hope everyone enjoys this quirky cauldron of indie, mainstream, and the downright weird: because this a very trippy journey at times, and you’re gonna wanna Brace For Impact!

Check it out below and download it here.


The Chemical Brothers – Where Do I Begin [Aniche’s ChE Sunset Mix]
The Chemical Brothers – I’ll See You There [ChE Breaker]
Richard Thair – The Parrotman [Rennie Pilgrem Remix]
The Beginnerz – Reckless Girl [Stanton Warriors Remix]
Aniche – Helen’s Revenge
Barbara Tucker – Think About It [The MicFreak Fire Drum Dub]
Ananda Shankar – Streets Of Calcutta [ChE Edit]
Felipe Avelar – Funky Lowdown
Yuksek – I Don’t Have A Drum Machine
Vijay Benedict – I Am A Disco Dancer [ChE Edit]
Funky Fat – Gimme [Volkoder Remix]
Maddslinky – Dub Is For Real [Mr Scruff Mix]
Mr Scruff – Sweetsmoke [Manitoba Mix]
The Last Poets – The Shalimar [ChE Edit]
Tom Ellis – Third Morning
Anfunk – House Sons
Aniche – Little Green Leaves [KiVA Remix]
Dominic Aquila – Arcadia
Aniche – Distant Blue [Acappella Dub]
Mihalis Safras & Simone Tavazzi – Leave
Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now [ChE Overdub Edit]
Amalgamation Of Soundz – Sharm
Roisin Murphy – Murphy’s Law [Acappella]
Aniche – Lipservice
The Chemical Brothers – Base 6
MJ Cole – Attitude [ChE Edit]
Jazzanova – Mwela Mwela [Bugz In The Attic Remix] [ChE Dub]
Dubtribe Sound System – Equitoreal [ChE Acappella Edit]