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Andre Sobota – The Remixes EP (Flow Vinyl)


I love labels like Flow Vinyl who consistently come up with the goods and have a confident stance and belief in the sound they represent. In a way it’s a shame that they, all too much, fly under the radar, but if you check out their back catalogue you’ll find some absolute gems.

I am not generally a fan of remix packages but this one caught my attention because I was a fan of the Andre Sobota original (not included in this package unfortunately) and was really impressed at the quality of the remixes, especially a cracking deep and funky mix from an artist that I hadn’t had much exposure to Bute.

Not to take away from the other artists here, the much respected Tripswitch turns in an eight minute progressive stormer [of ‘Fast Forward’] with a gently aggressive edge that you could easily imagine in the record box of Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren amongst others. Music like this has so many layers and textures you can almost feel it coming out of the speakers. Let your soul out for an eight minute wander, it will come back refreshed and full of goodness having been topped up with the lush pads, spiraling arpeggios and deep rumbling basslines.

Progressive legend Jimmy Van M turns his hand to ‘New Seeds’ with a surprisingly deep and melancholy remix that utilises the melody from the original and builds on it with some interesting rhodes style chords.

The remix that piqued my interest was Argentinian artist Bute who turns in a deep, soulful yet powerful mix that sounds not only current but really individual in style. What he does well here is utilises the elements from the original but really stamps his own style all over it. It’s ambient and enchanting deep house, simple and lush but driving and engaging. The bass keeps things moving but the arpeggios and melody power it through. Listening to this is like watching the sun coming through a gap in the clouds during a storm. There is energy at play, but conflicting themes like fire & ice in a stylistic tug of war. It’s all about the feeling, and after all what else is there. I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard Sasha playing this. Keep an eye on Bute he’s one to watch and in the meantime check out his remix of ‘New Seeds’.

A strong release from Flow, if you are not acquainted I suggest you introduce yourself immediately.

Score: 8/10

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