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Cioz & Super Flu – Jodi Bush (Crosstown Rebels)


Who could resist such a pairing as Cioz and Super Flu? Both artists are so deeply entrenched in sound design that culminates in deep and funky, supremely well produced floor smashers.

Cioz has released music on Einmusika, Monaberry and Get Physical and doffed his remix cap to artists such as Luttrell on Anjunadeep, developing a trademark sound that is deeply clever without sacrificing danceability. 

Super Flu are the house music King Midas. Everything they’ve touched has turned to gold over the last couple of years including recent ‘Really Really’ on Monaberry that was an absolute smasher for a whole host of big jocks.

Jodi Bush’ is a funky love story between a polyrhythmic synth and a sexy bassline. A grand piano is the cupid. ‘Body Juice‘ is a vortex of grooves of all kind. Take some straight four to the floor, some afro beats, some latin percussions, a surprising progressive synth and whip all together” says Cioz

On paper it sounds like it shouldn’t work but the sound weedles its way into your brain and develops a relationship with your cerebrum. This is intelligent music at its useable best, the spine of the track is the nagging bass and solid kick drum but the interest is in the ambient noises, synth riffs and squelches, lush pads, tinkling pianos and subtle strings. Reaching for the lazers is not what this track is all about. This is a journey, like driving into the desert to Burning Man or watching the landscape roll by from a train window.

I literally have not stopped listening to this wonderful piece of music all week.

Body Juice’ has more of an afro feel to the drums, overlaid with a quirky, rhythmic groove. It’s more minimal but still a cracker with its progression through interesting riffs and shuffling percussion.

Solid and interesting release. Miss this at your peril.

Score: 9/10

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