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NUDE010: M.I.T.A


Mattia Borriello, better known as M.I.T.A. was born in ’90. He started my career at the age of 14. During years he improved my skills in studio and decided to spend a couple of hours more working on my first tracks.

Still young, he released an ep on Phobiq, Neapolitan label born from techno master Sasha Carassi. From that point, everything changed: in 2010 he made a remix for “Polychromatic” and, after a while, he had the pleasure to have been remixed from worldwide known artists such as Audio Injection, Paul Mac and The Advent & Industryalizer just to name a few. 2014 is an awesome year: “Level Down” ep born in collaboration with techno guru The Advent, appeared on Mixmag magazine as top release of the month (December).

His friendship with Cisco became stronger so we both decided to come back in the studio together and the result was a 2-tracker ep released on Elevate. Pig&Dan didn’t miss the chance and asked him to remix their track ‘Modular Baptism’ and after a few months he released on Nicole Moudaber’s Mood Records ‘The God Particle’ EP, born in collaboration with Anna V.

Today, we welcome him on the NUDE Podcast for the first time.

Sum up this podcast in 10 words…
Groove is always the key to open the gates 

What’s your personal favourite track on it?
Well I don’t want to be biased but my own track The Treatment from the next EP on EI8HT is my fav!

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?
I’ve always been a shakers enthusiast (and I own 6 of them actually). They always help to make a special element to any track. So my answer is: SHAKERS!

What’s the best gig you’ve played recently?
For sure, it was my last performance in Berlin at Haselhorst 13 Open Air, because I loved the fact I played in a wood on the Spree. Mixing nature and music together always gives awesome results.

What have you got coming up?
I have some interesting stuff coming up, but you know how it works… We need to keep them secret until we are good to go.

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?
As a growing artist, I can straightforwardly say to stay real and do whatever makes you happy. It’s hard nowadays because the scene is pretty strange and the industry can sometimes assist in helping you make the wrong choices. I’ll keep doing my music even if the process is slower and painful, but I know that being unique somehow plays a fundamental role to success.


  1. M.I.T.A. – The Treatment (EI8HT)
  2. M.I.T.A. – A Dragon Called Sirio (UNRELEASED)
  3. M.I.T.A. – Stum Street (EI8HT)
  4. Dj Deep – Stressed (DEEPLY ROOTED)
  5. M.I.T.A. – Purpose (UNRELEASED)
  6. Audiolux – Values (TWR72 Remix) (DEAD CERT.RECORDS)
  7. Pfirter – Mshrmstvndlprk (MINDTRIP)
  8. M.I.T.A. – Never Hold Back (UNRELEASED)
  9. M.I.T.A. – Mofo (ELEMENTRA)
  10. M.I.T.A. – Possibility (EI8HT)
  11. Noir – Sombre 2020 (NOIR MUSIC)
  12. M.I.T.A. – Worthless Gold (SUARA)