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Rene Amesz remixes Tommy Vercetti for Swerve Digital


The next release on Swerve Digital comes from house tastemaker, Tommy Vercetti. Tommy has been an instrumental figure in the advancing sound of underground house and techno in recent years, and he has cooked up a treat for us in the form of a four-track EP (which includes a remix from the legendary Rene Amesz).

Tommy’s chunky, vocal and piano-house inspired signature features heavily on this release, giving it plenty of energy from start to finish. Opening the release, the title track ‘Arbo’ gets things moving with an upbeat and bouncy vibe. Closing off the release, ‘Dancing Shoes’ comes with a slightly garagey feel to it.

Our premiere, Rene Amesz’s standout remix of the original. Very much distinguishable (as are all of Rene’s greatest works) by its heightened levels of swing, strings, snares and sauce. Ample amounts of staple Amesz production quality made to a typically high standard, with some additional firepower and climatic drops for added peak time prowess.

Grab a copy from here.

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