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Joris Biesmans release ‘Get Bent’ on Abstract Theory


Joris Biesmans
 (aka Cashmere* / TVe) is well known for his work at Watergate Club in Berlin.

When Joris got signed to Steve Lawler’s well know “Viva Music” imprint in 2010 , things got rapidly fast forward. His first release made it immediately to the charts of many DJ’s around the globe, resulting in a heavy demand for remixes from artists like Kaiserdisco, Luigi Rocca, The Dolphins. on labels such as Kling Klong, Blu Fin, 303Lovers, Rebirth. After finishing several productions in between his rather intense tour schedule around the globe (with dj-sets in Thailand, Japan, Germany, Spain, Ibiza, France, Hungary, The Netherlands, Belgium), Joris decided to focus more on his musical skills and went back to school to get his bachelor degree in electronic music.

For Abstract Theory, he dropped two peak time tracks that define his sound properly, we premiere ‘Get Bent’ today, check it out below.