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Premiere: Inland Knights – Say Watt


DJ’s, Producers and label owners, Andy Riley and Laurence Ritchie (AKA Inland Knights) have created a brand name that most House heads have heard of. Whether you like it deep , techy or more funky – when you think about Drop Music or Inland Knights a certain style of House comes to mind that is uniquely their own. Andy and Laurence’s reach is global, and their label’s continue to produce some of the finest House music 15 years after they started back in the UK, within Nottingham’s legendary party scene.

Inland Knights line up 2 road-tested tracks on their own label Drop Music. The stalwart duo have been releasing material since 1998 and their latest offering of ‘Say Watt’ and ‘Walk On’ melds Funk samples, nifty drum shuffles and arresting vocals that simply prove the duo have still got it.