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Phuture Reissue ‘Acid Tracks’



Is there any other act that can lay claim to as much of a legacy in dance culture as Chicago originators Phuture? When the trio of SpankyDJ Pierre and Herb J pulled together in 1987 to produce Acid Tracks, it was the first ever record to feature that unforgettable squiggly sound that emanates from a Roland 303. It was also one of the seminal pieces of music that kicked off the eternally influential acid house movement across the world.

While the group had existed in some form in the new millennium, under the guidance of Spanky and his ‘Phuture 303’ alias, the original formation had been put on ice, with DJ Pierre off forging a seminal solo career all of his own. That was until 2013, when Spanky and DJ Pierre decided it was finally the right time to team up again and revive the Phuture legacy. Their interview with Data Transmission was their first in 20 years.

“This was 20 years or so in the making,” DJ Pierre told Data Transmission of the decision to finally revive the legend. “We’re going backwards in order to propel forwards.” And when he said going backwards, he really meant it with the outfit deciding to reissue a remastered version of seminal record ‘Acid Tracks‘ on vinyl. Available now via Juno Records you can check out ‘Acid Tracks’ in all its remastered glory below.