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What’s that? You thought the we’d up and left you without a Mix of the Day, just because it’s the weekend? As if! It’s Saturday, which means most of you need to prepare for a night out, and the few that remain need a pick me up. Well, say hello to our exclusive mix from Melé.

Yes, it’s that loveable Liverpudlian who shot to fame with his fusion of rave, hip hop and bass. Bringing together old and new, underground and mainstream, Melé’s music has earned him spots on Rinse FM, BBC Radio 1 and Boiler Room, along with releases on the like’s of Grizzly and Mixpak Records. 2014 saw Melé take yet another step in his record game too, when the producer set up his own label Quadrants.

On August 4th, Melé is set to pay homage to the dance history that he loves so very, very much, as he takes over the main room at Amnesia, Ibiza. With big guns, Andy C and Rudimental, and special guest, Fono, in the booth as well, you won’t want to miss this one. Tickets are available here.

In the meantime, crank up your system, get on your feet and check out our Melé Mix of the Day. Come on, you deserve it!


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