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Maztek releases his ‘4 The Ravers’ EP


Italian-born DnB artist Maztek represents the nano-fine edge of the Neurofunk scene. From humble beginnings playing in bands as a teenager, he fell under the spell of the mighty basslines that DnB is renowned for in the midst of both illegal raves in Rome and commercial events with acts like Fabio, Grooverider and Roni Size. Seeing the potential of the sound, he set about developing a unique futuristic aesthetic of his own – creating an audio realm under his Maztek moniker that has become highly influential throughout the world.

His first release of 2019 comes in the shape of his ‘4 The Ravers’ EP, a 7 track monster which is dropping via his 0101 Music imprint as a Beatport exclusive on 12th March.

The EP represents Maztek’s background as a DJ, something which he’s just as notorious for as his music, with the producer having travelled extensively with sound systems before he began working within more formal venue settings.

Our premiere today is the 4th track on the EP and aptly titled ‘R4v3r5’ and is a solid, honed production and consists of heavy, stabby drums, a filthy bassline and really clever soundscapes.

Check out ‘R4v3r5’ below and pre-order ‘4 The Ravers’ EP from now Beatport