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Max Cooper – Chromos EP


Max Cooper, master producer and biologist extraordinaire, annotates his admiration for music and science with his  latest masterpiece, ‘Chromos’. Cooper continues to expand his unique artistic approach by interpreting scientific ideas into visual-audio art. The latest in his ‘Emergence’ project, ‘Chromos’ explores the symbiosis of music and science with visual representations of data.

The opening tracks, ‘Chromos’ and ‘Coils of Living Synthesis’ are beautifully delicate soundscapes of organic life inspired by genetic research undertaken at the Babraham Institute. The former biologist also features an accompanying VR video by long-time collaborator Andy Lomas, the production of which used a simulated model to predict what DNA looks like inside a cell.

Distant chords and subtle glitches emerge from a hypnotic groove in ‘Molten Landscapes’, whilst ‘Four Tone Reflections’ builds a vast sonic spectrum over 12 minutes. For the ‘Chromos’ remix, Cosmin TRG turns the fragility of the original into a beastly, warped techno monster.

Max Cooper ‘Chromos’ is out now on Mesh.