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LA Riots are back with a New EP


Following a creative break, LA Riots are back with a new two track EP on IN / ROTATION, titled, ‘Ladies Man / House Philosophy’.

IN / ROTATION is an extension of Insomniac Records, a new imprint and lifestyle brand dedicated to showcasing emerging artists and an open-minded philosophy.  The double-track feature from LA Riots is reminiscent of their timeless yet catchy style, packed with thick bass lines, edgy rhythms and bouncy hi hats.

They say about the EP “We’re excited about this new Insomniac release. We took a bit of a break this past year, and found inspiration in the post-EDM house sound coming out; the sound is very much in line with the music aesthetic we both came up in during the 90s. It’s fun to return to longer, drawn-out groove-based dance tracks that open up a lot of room for creative DJing, rather than simply playing one track after another.”


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