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Kings Of The Rollers debut album is a bruiser


If you haven’t been living under a rock you will by now be very aware of Kings Of The Rollers! Leaders of the new generation and purveyors of dancefloor chaos Serum, Voltage and Bladerunner return to the frontline of drum & bass with their debut, self-titled album ‘Kings Of The Rollers’.

We first encountered KOTR at Hospitality In The Park 2017. We stumbled into their set midway and immediately started bouncing (Editor isn’t even a massive fan of dnb but he was going for it!) Since then we’ve seen them once more and again the energy was another level. Not just from the guys but their fans do not hold back!

These guys have really been setting the scene on fire over the past year or so and their new ‘Royal Rumble’ tour kicked off last month at Studio 338 and will see them perform all over the country. Despite a hectic schedule of parties, festivals, family life and their solo careers they’ve also managed to push out an album.

‘I think a great moment in the album was when I was scrolling through my Instagram and Lydia Plain came up as a sponsored ad ! I’m really jealous of people who can play the piano so sat there and listened to her and I was blown away … vocals and piano playing were so different and so much feeling , I knew we had to have her on the album – this resulted in “the sky is falling” which is so dark and haunting due to Lydia’s performance! – Voltage

The general way the tracks worked was that one of us would make a start on a track and then we’d get together in sessions at my studio to finish them. I was also in control of cooking the curry and BBQ and selecting appropriate Belgian beers to fit the mood. We wanted a new direction for this project so it wasn’t just the same as listening to our solo material or us working together as duos and what we ended up with was something more cinematic. We also had to steer clear of sampling which we do a lot in our other projects so that meant we had to buy more hardware (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!). One thing I learned was not to have a baby in the middle of an album when you’ve got a stretching deadline. – Serum

We had a good laugh in the studio while making the album, it’s important to help the ideas keep flowing.

One of us will be making some crazy noises to the others ‘usually me’ trying to get them to understand what bass sound or noise I want them to make, like Bowwowwow Meeeeeewwwwnnn! – Bladerunner

‘Kings Of The Rollers’ LP landed on Hospital Records on 26th April. Filled with a massive 17 tracks including up-front rollers, experimental and techy 2-step beats and pure knockout bangers!

Check out our premiere of ‘Mammoth’ below and buy the album here


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