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Julio Victoria announces his LP ‘Indigo’


Over the past ten years, Julio Victoria has been at the forefront of Colombia’s electronic music scene. As a DJ and producer, he has embarked on a groundbreaking musical journey, delivering cutting edge sounds.

‘Índigo’ is Julio’s first full-length solo album, which weaves an airy and iridescent sonic tapestry that pushes at the boundaries of techno and house. It arrives on his new label, Victoria, which creates a new platform to showcase the unique rythms originating from Colombia. ‘Índigo’ plays true to Julio’s roots, and the sounds he has pioneered. The album’s title track captures the essence of the whole label: serene harmony through indigenous instruments alongside the wild power of synthesisers.

Through ‘Índigo’ and Victoria, Julio is seeking to expand and extend the sound path of a fascinating land, from which one of the most powerful music scenes of Latin American is beginning to emerge.

For more information head to https://www.juliovictoria.com/ndigo