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Jess Bays Live at Big Chill House for Data Transmission



We don’t like to blow our own trumpet too hard here at Data Transmission (it makes our face go red and look slightly ridiculous) so we won’t brag about how well our series of free parties in London this January are going. What we will do however is treat you to a live recording of one of our night’s stand out performers and let you take from that what you will.

Not content with kicking off this year’s opening DT podcast Jess Bays then blew the doors of with a 90’s themed set that saw her raiding her illustrious archives to set the floor alight with a mix chock-a-block with classics from the decade.  Shunning the Spice Girls, turning her back on the Backstreet Boys and altogether ignoring Take That you can here her take on the post rave era below.