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Jaden Thompson drops ‘Alright’ on Emerald City


At the tender age of just 19, Jaden Thompson has already had his productions signed to labels including Cuttin’ Headz and Material. Jaden may be young in years, but he’s already making waves in the industry. He brings his infectious sound to Emerald City this March with three distinct tracks.

“Recently I’ve been wanting to show a bit more variation throughout my music production, reflecting a range of influences, and not setting myself any barriers. As soon as I finished the first four tracks in this new mindset, I sent them to Jamie, and he signed three of them. As you can imagine, I couldn’t be happier.” – Jaden Thompson.

Title track ‘Alright’ is an uplifting offering with an assuring vocal hook, creating an exotic aesthetic with tribal drum pads and a warm bassline.

‘Star Sign’ is a joyful number, a definite summer track, that leaves the listener with feelings of elation.

‘Freak Groove’, produced alongside Dub Clap, closes the EP on a dubbier note, combining a rolling bass with a smattering of hi-hats.


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