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Ill Truth return to Lifestyle Music


Ill Truth are a Bristol based music production outfit formed of two members; Haden and Jay. A mutual love of mixing records in their early college days sparked a partnership that kick-started their journey into electronic music. Over time they have created a vast range of music but at its core lies Drum & Bass.

Their music has sent Ill Truth worldwide, and they’ve become of the most important and current acts in their city’s scene. With releases spanning some of dnb’s biggest labels such as Shogun and Dispatch, and a recent stellar release on CIA, it’s hard to find a corner of the scene as yet untouched by these two incredibly hard-working producer DJs.

Now they’re giving us another piping hot serving of drum & bass. Coming on 8th July via Lifestyle Music, two slices of rowdy, bassy dancefloor music and their unmistakable sound.

They’re taking it all the way back to their roots with a VIP of ‘The Realist’ from their first-ever release, which was also on Lifestyle Music, making this one extra special.

Our premiere ‘Eazy Rider’ sees the boys team up with Bluejay. Built around a driving, snappy break, the tune foregrounds a slick and minimal bass groove, with mid-range wobbles and accents peppered throughout. A mature sound from the lads, this one sits nicely between heavy dancefloor music and head-nodding minimal dnb.

The new singles drop on 8th July on Lifestyle Music. Check out Ill Truth and Bluejay ‘Eazy Rider’ below and grab it from here


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