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Icarus releases ‘King Kong’


Icarus present their first new track of 2017 with ‘King Kong’ out today on FFFR.

If you call a track ‘King Kong’ it has to be a beast, and that’s exactly what Bristol-based brothers Ian and Tom Griffiths have delivered. From the booming bass to the urgent percussion to the vocal’s urgent rallying cry.

“Last year we put out a lot of atmospheric stuff, but with ‘King Kong’ we’ve switched our style again,” explains Tom. “It’s something more experimental and more light-hearted. We don’t want to overthink it too much, and we don’t want to stick to one particular lane because we like writing all sorts of tracks.”

“Hopefully we’re at the stage where we can mix our style up, but people can still tell it’s an Icarus record because people recognise how we write and are used to our production,” adds Ian. “You’ve got to keep things fresh and surprise people.”

There’s much more to come from the ICARUS camp and it excites us greatly!


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