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Exclusive video of Degs ‘Killer’


If you’re not aware of Degs then where have you been?! Degs is a D&B, hip-hop and R&B producer and vocalist who has captured the hearts of many of the drum & bass family. His debut single ‘Poveglia’ and his lyrical magic on the ‘Mixtape Sprayout’ have been absolutely brilliant. Now the young MC and singer/songwriter takes his D+B domination one step further with his 2019 rework of Adamski and Seal’s 90’s dance anthem, ‘Killer’.

The original version hit number 1 and spent 4 weeks at the top of the chart in 1990, selling over 400,000 copies and kicking off both Adamski and Seal’s careers.

Bridging the gap between generations, Degs’ cover is packed with all of the original punch, filled with nostalgic rave piano and synth sensations. It’s rewired with fresh drumwork and Degs’ unmistakable and powerful vocal performance of this iconic chart-topper.

Check it out below, we think you’ll agree that this is gonna tear dancefloors up all over again! Grab a copy from here


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