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Debut Transmission: Tomás Urquieta – Apathetic (DJ W3C Remix)


It’s been a superb year for Infinite Machine. A steady flow of releases from the likes of Liar, Korma, Otik, Tsunga and Aphix has kept our attention firmly on the Montréal label, and now its final record of 2015 has Data Transmission enthralled once again.

The second EP from Tomás Urquieta (following 2014’s Ignea for Diamante Records), Manuscript offers 6 original works from the Chilean, ranging from thunderous techno to dusty ambient. But that’s not all, completing the release are 3 fantastic remixes from Korma, She’s Drunk and DJ W3C.

The latter of these – our premiere today – maintains the coarse palette presented throughout the EP, but steps away from the danceable format into compellingly gritty territory. Through tortured industrial screams and densely packed walls of sound, W3C turns out a challenge, but one it’s well worth completing.

Tomás Urquieta’s Manuscript EP drops December 18th, head to the Infinite Machine Bandcamp from then to pick it up and check out the full tracklist below the stream.

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