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Debut Transmission: Cotton Claw – Razzle Dazzle


Cover LP
Following the success of their debut EP, Dusted, last year, Cotton Claw return to Parisian label Cascade Records in May, with their first full length effort, Volutes.

The French quartet – formed of celebrated producers Lilea Narrative, Zo aka La Chauve-Souris, YoggyOne and Zerolex – have developed a through their focus on live performance. A true “band”, each member plays their part live via an individual controller; strictly no sequencers allowed! Built upon a “massive analog synth, unstoppable arpeggios and sexy granular melodies,” Volutes collects 12 tracks of grainy house and electronica, with a heavy nod to funk.

Our premiere today, ‘Razzle Dazzle’, finds the foursome working a rich palette of airy vocals and synthetic textures over a lazy groove. Check out the track below and head to the Cascade Bandcamp to pre-order your copy of Volutes in vinyl, CD or digital format. We’ve also included a tracklist at the bottom of the page.


01. Leaps And Bounds
02. Grainy
03. Hornets
04. Sunset Glow
05. Razzle Dazzle
06. Noulafé
07. Time Trial
08. Vertigo
09. Tweak Dat Nip
10. Outran
11. Soaking Method
12. Hold-Up