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Cristian Varela and Ian Axide relaunch Black Codes



Originally started in 2003, Black Codes Experiments is an underground techno event and label with a scheduled roster of artists including Abstract Division, Mark Broom, Tensal, P.E.A.R.L. and Takaaki Itoh.

The event side of the project is a series of parties in London where guests have already included Exium along with the project owners Cristian Varela and Ian Axide. This relaunch release of Black Codes Experiments features a new remix from Cristian and two original releases, one from Ian, which we premiere today.

The co-owner of Black Codes Experiments with Cristian Varela, Ian Axide completes the EP with a thumping track named after the project itself. Driving and dark, it’s mechanical soul is complemented by melancholic chords adding emotion to the grand design.

Check it out below.

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