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Bongani to release ‘Some Things Are Fluorescent’ via Recovery Collective


Bongani is back, and this time he’s equipped with a force to be reckoned with. Embracing a serious dedication to his craft and perfect attention to detail with his production, this great man is a fundamental attribute and absolute legend responsible for the release management and contribution to the entire behind the scenes of the label – Recovery Collective.

‘Some Things Are Fluorescent’ is his next release stacked to the brim with progressive vibes right across the spectrum. An EP comprised of his original and a collection of remixes by a bunch of straight-up weapons making huge waves right across the world right now – NekliFF, Waveback (pictured), William Kiss and Boy With Boat.

When Bongani searches for inspiration with his music, senses and feeling play a huge role. It’s not just about finding different pieces and fitting them together, it’s much much more than that. It’s about drawing from all kinds of elements to provoke an overall aura.

We premiere the Waveback remix for you today, check it out below!

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