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A new music analytics app launches for iOS called ForTunes



ForTunes is a brand new music analytics app for DJs and Producers, which provides incredible information about their music.

The platform which has launched for iOS users now, allows creators the ability to find out where their music is getting plays, playlist placement, favs and also user generated content across a wide range of platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud and more.

Florian Richling, founder and CEO of ForTunes, added: “ForTunes was created by and for musicians. We know the hustle of doing blog outreaches, tracking the performances of songs and trying to push music productions out there, DIY style. Empowering musicians, by making data accessible and fun to use, was a major motivation and cornerstone of our own creative vision. Even though online may have democratized the access to this global music market, a power-struggle is very real and we want to help musicians get an edge on the competition. Data doesn’t have to be for large agencies and corporate think-tanks. Data should flow freely, and be used by creative minds to do meaningful things. To have better insights on real-life audiences, on the way they connect to people from all over the world.”

Christoph Muck, Co-Founder of ForTunes and former digital product manager commented: ”Streaming has opened up new spheres for musicians. Placements within playlists and user generated uploads on channels can lay the path for exciting careers and perspectives that weren’t even thinkable before. Listeners crave to share experiences, and you can measure and visualize the quality of these experiences – just by taking a close look at what’s actually happening in the data. And that’s what we’re doing at ForTunes. We’re opening these metrics for musicians, making them accessible and – most importantly – visually useful.

We want to present musicians the outcome of their hard work, in a way that is welcoming, maybe even motivational, to keep them inspired and hyped on their own, tangible results.”

You can download the APP here


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