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Blond:ish & Anstascia on Gig Preparation and Maximising Track Promotion


Today on BOOST, I’m still a little behind from last weeks trip to Nozstock, so I’ve pulled the audio from one of my favourite big questions on YouTube, last year at the DJ Awards. I spoke to the then duo Blond:ish (now separate as Blond:ish & Anstascia).  

I firstly asked Anstascia about her gig preparation and any rituals she had. This was followed by asking Vivie-ann (Blond:ish) about how she maximises the exposure of a track, how she sends music and she drops a killer bonus tip, wait till the end.

This is BOOST a podcast with me, Grahame Farmer. For the past 18 months, I’ve been giving out Tips to DJs via my Instagram since then we set up our BOOST 1to1 Coaching service, we’ve had BOOST breakfasts at IMS and BMC.

Now I have this podcast, BOOST, its a chance for me to give tips, motivation and maybe a few guest interviews along the way.

You can listen to it on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle Podcast and more via Anchor.


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