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Ross Kiser shares some of his Favourite Deepened Groovers


Newly-launched underground imprint Curated. recently welcomed its second release with Denver-based Ross Kiser at the wheel for ‘Under The Light’.

Boasting an impressive label catalogue between Denver’s Ross Kiser and UNCANNY label boss Juliche Hernandez, including Bondage Music, MicroHertz and many others, ‘Under The Light’ continues an impressive introduction to the label, filled with rich analogue sounds and deepened grooves throughout.

To celebrate the release of his latest record, Colorado native Ross Kiser joins us at Data Transmission with a selection of some of his most-loved underground cuts:

Kevin Yost – What Is Cool? (feat. Howard Burns)

A super jazzy cut that hits those nostalgia notes for me every time. Kevin is a mastermind with instrumentation and I love this tune! Especially when those horns hit half way through.

Guti & Dubshape – Every Cow Has A Bird

Ooof. Timeless groover that hits those jazzy yet tribal and groovy housey notes for me. Solid example of a tune that I never get sick of. One of my favorite Guti tunes and definitely one of my favorite releases on CR.

Matt Tolfrey (feat. Marshall Jefferson) – The Truth

One of my favorite tunes and biggest inspirations from when I was just starting to really develop my sound and get into production. Unreal vocal, amazing chord sweeps and the groove of a lifetime.

Benno Blome – Abotha (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)

One of my favorite remixes and productions from Mr. Mihai Popoviciu – this tune not only grooves, but the unreal working of all of the stabs creates a call and response that is magical. Super inspirational tune for. Still play this out in my sets often!

Ross Kiser – Because Of You

The first record I released on vinyl and the first tune I made during quarantine. Holds a special place in my heart. Also super proud of how all of the sounds work together to create a timeless groove. This is an emotional one for me.

Ross Kiser – Under The Light

Title track from my latest featured EP on Curated. The sweeping chord riser set the tone for the whole creative process on this one. It just clicked. Wrote this record in about 3 or 4 hours from start to finish – Sometimes when the ideas just flow quickly it can be some of your best work and I feel that way about this track.  

ANOTR, Toman – Time

Ah I freakin love this tune. Incredible bassline accompanied by a jackin’ groove and all of the jazz elements that I love so much. One of my favorite records I have in my bag. Perfect to jam to in the living room or for a packed dancefloor. The maestros delivered hard on this record. Great mix of both of their styles too. Serious collab right here.

2Vilas – Verve

Love the dubbed out sounds on this cut. Great vocal sample accompanied by a money groove and those dub tech chords that get me everytime. Have played this in many sets and I don’t plan on stopping. This really scratches my itch for that dubby grooving sound.

Chris Stussy – Speak

To this day, one of my favorite Chris Stussy cuts. This was released as a vinyl only PIV release and I was honored to snag a copy. Simple and groovy, yet elegant. Beautiful chord work on top of that soulful spoken word vocal. Ace track all around (The whole release is stellar and Djebali’s remix is also a jam).

Ross Kiser – Big Things

One of my favorite tunes from the past year. This one is off my latest EP on Bondage Music. This record really stands out to me in terms of my personal production journey. More elements than I usually add, yet to me, they all seem to work nicely in harmony to create a journey of a tune. Spent hours on sound design for this one and am super proud of the final product. I am a sucker for dub chords and spoken word vocals and this one hits that note for me. Hope you like it 🙂

Ross Kiser’s ‘Under The Light’ EP (incl. Juliche Hernandez Remix) is out now on Curated. You can grab your copy here.