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MATTE brings BLACK back to NYC


BLACK, one of the first colors known to man, the darkest color of the visible spectrum which exists from the absence or complete absorption of light. The achromatic color is the base to anything and everything. In the fall of 2015, the expression of music, art and design presented itself in a new manner, through the prism and aesthetic of BLACK.

MATTE Projects, with support from Bespoke Musik, introduced a series of multifaceted events which provide a new perspective into expression of the arts. A 3D immersive experience without borders, defying the belief that “art” is a single artistic medium. The idea was born in New York City and has since grown to multi-city presence, for those that dare remove the hue of everyday life and open their minds.

BLACK made their international debut this past March in Mexico City. Come April 8, BLACK returns to its New York City roots for a transcendent one-night music and art experience. BLACK transforms a warehouse into a orchestration of art, sound and culture  where music and contemporary art play in harmony. BLACK NYC will transform The Grand Prospect Hall into a playground for the imagination.

The event will unfold as a story, a hypnotic tale of intense drums, emotional breaks, atmospheric synths, and visuals that explore the depth and aesthetic of BLACK.

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