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Blanka Barbara welcomes Katrin Souza


For the twenty-third episode of ‘Blanka Barbara Welcomes’ show on Data Transmission Radio, I invite an incredible DJ and producer – Katrin Souza – to showcase a superb guest mix in the second half of the show. During the first hour of the show, I present captivating, brand new, real gems of the vast genre of house. Another memorable sonic journey for you all!

You can listen back to the show and read the interview with Katrin below…

Blanka Barbara welcomes Katrin Souza


Blanka Barbara: Hello Katrin, thank you for taking part in Blanka Barbara Welcomes.

Katrin Souza: Hello Blanka and hello to all listeners. I would like to speak in audio, but my English is very weak. Therefore, my answers are through Google Translate. I just want to wish all the listeners and you all a wonderful mood. Thank you for the invitation and wish you all the best, I love your music, Blanka. I’ve played your music several times in my mixes and I also enjoy listening to it on Spotify. I also listened to your radio programs several times, you have an amazing hypnotic velvety voice.

BB: Thank you so much, Katrin, for your kind words. Let’s start with your beginnings in music. How did you become a music producer and when did you start to DJ?

KS: I began to write music in 2009. At night, I studied everything myself, and during the day I worked part-time at a permanent job. My two children were waiting for me at home. Just a couple of months ago I learned how to play pioneer DJ. I usually mix with Ableton Live for various radio shows. And I learned to play live as a DJ only 2 months ago. I have already performed in front of the public three times, I really liked it. I want to perform a lot and show the world beautiful music. Not only my music but the music of artists from all over the world. People need to hear this beauty, and my goal is to introduce listeners to talented musicians from all over the world. DJing will help me in this wonderful business. That’s why I learned to play.

BB: You have accumulated a vast knowledge of dance music production over the years. Do you have the most treasured tool in the studio and what is so good about it?

KS: In my studio, there is only a computer, headphones, monitors and a midi keyboard and a sound card. Almost forgot my cat. He always sits on my work chair. I have a lot of synthesizers and plugins on my computer. Basically, my favourite plugins are Diva Synths (fat sound), Love, Serum, Repro and Arturia. For processing, I use plugins from Universal Audio, Fab Filter, Arturia Fx Collection, Native Instruments, and Valhalla.

BB: How, in your opinion, has the progressive house music scene developed and changed throughout the past decade?

KS: It is difficult for me to answer this question, because at the beginning of my career, I wrote music in the trance style, then gradually moved to progressive house, deep house, and melodic house. It seems to me that music becomes more and more interesting every year, there is a mixture of styles, new styles, and new performers are born. Over time, in my opinion, progressive house becomes more interesting in terms of mixing. Sometimes I wonder when I listen to this or that track or remix how the author thought of doing this or that move in processing. I am very happy when I listen to good music. I am very inspired. Music is such a cool influence, I feel like the world would be empty without music. I am happy that I live in the present time, thanks to which I have the opportunity to create music, as well as meet other musicians and DJs.

BB: Every gig is different and unique. Has any of them been the most memorable that you ever played?

KS: The fact is that I performed in front of the public as a DJ this is only three times. My first gig was 2 days after I learned to play like a DJ, live. It was very funny. People were having fun and dancing. whistled and clapped. They asked for track listings. I myself felt very good, marvelling at the lack of excitement, because all the DJs I know talked about stress and a lot of excitement before and during performances. I was calm as if another person had moved into me. ha ha

BB: What plans do you have for the rest of the year and into the future?

KS: I have plans for the near future. I want to DJ more and write an EP for a friend’s label from New York, experimenting, and looking for a new sound. Also, half a year ago, I made a new alias for my new side project, in which I write completely different music, far from club music. On June 2, I will release an album of 12 tracks in this project. Styles such as synth wave, retro wave, chillwave, vaporwave, lo-fi, and hip-hop). Here is the name of my future album – “Aømioomørï – Warm Hovel”. I would be glad if the listeners would be interested in hearing me differently in a new sound. This project is exactly what I did. The most interesting thing is that my eldest son followed in my footsteps and also began to write music. We write collabs with him. Also, my daughter has an interest in music, she also draws anime to music, she is completely self-taught, like me. It was she who inspired me to create a new project. She also edits videos for my YouTube channel and TikTok. It’s really great when children are in your work, in action. I want to wish all the listeners a wonderful mood and thank you for listening to me. And also thank you Blanka. for the opportunity to tell a little about me

BB: Thank you so much, Katrin, for sharing your story with us.


01 Henrik Schwarz, Richard Judge – Put All Your Faith In Me (Tensnake Extended Remix)
[Armada Electronic Elements]
02 WhoMadeWho – Never Alone (Patrice Bäumel Remix) [Embassy One]
03 Henry Saiz – Voice of a Gentle Breeze [Last Night On Earth]
04 Feri – Eclipse (Blanka Barbara Remix) [Dynamica]
05 Perry Farrell, Satellite Party – Milky Ave (Sasha Remix) [Heaven After Dark]
06 Basil O’Glue – Choose Wisely (Blanka Barbara Remix) [BAGRUHM]
07 Delerium – Silence feat. Sarah McLachlan (Kryder Extended Remix) [Armada Music]
08 Sevenn, Silver Panda – Deep Space [Panda Lab Records]
09 KARPOVICH, Jon.K – Deeper (Marc DePulse Remix) [Theory X]
10 Rick Pier O’Neil – To Declare (Tim Penner Remix) [Soundteller Records]
11 Subandrio – Nature Speaks (Ambient Version) [Armadillo Records]
– Guest mix –
01 Katrin Souza – A Dark Forest (Paul Angelo & Don Argento Remix) [Yin]
02 Simos Tagias – Geometric( Original Mix) [Meanwhile]
03 Juan Ram: Unknown Source (Innerphonic Remix) [Massive Harmony Records]
04 Guy J – Anonymous (Original Mix) [Lost & Found]
05 GMJ, Matter – In Bloom (Original Mix) [Replug]
06 Tantum – Bethnal Green (Original Mix) [Lowbit]
07 Ewan Rill – This Kind ( This Kind (Jamie Stevens Remix)) [Late Night Music]
08 Zalvador – Humanoid (Original Mix) [MANGO ALLEY]
09 2 Shadows (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) [ Controlled Substance]
10 Digital Mess – Raspberry Porridge (Extended Mix) [Univack]
11 Tomas Garcia – Cygnus (Gabo Martin Remix)[Arcedian]
12 Tantum – Korner (Subandrio Remix) [Juicebox Music]
13 Pointcloud – Sparks (Extended Mix) [DAYS like NIGHTS]

More info about the artists:

Blanka Barbara: www.blankabarbara.com
Katrin Souza: www.instagram.com/katrinsouzamusic

Enjoy these tracks as a Free Download:

Delia Derbyshire – Liquid Energy (Blanka Barbara’s Darkest Hour)
Link: https://soundcloud.com/8daymtl/free-download-delia-derbyshire-liquid-energy-blanka-barbaras-darkest-hour

Jamala – 1944 (Blanka Barbara’s Bootleg Stark Reminder)
Link: https://soundcloud.com/8daymtl/free-download-jamala-1944-blanka-barbaras-bootleg-stark-reminder


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