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The race is on to get an official Drum & Bass Day


Birthed from the UK’s iconic Jungle scene in the 1990s, Drum & Bass has been one of the country’s finest exports over the last 30 years. In that time, the boundaries of sonic production have been pushed and explored by producers, DJs and promoters not just in the UK, but all four corners of the globe – making Drum & Bass truly a worldwide community.

A petition launched yesterday (17th February) calling on Ministers of Culture around the world to officially declare 17th April (17.4) as Drum & Bass Day. With support already gathering from Drum & Bass soldiers around the sphere joining the movement, we REALLY hope Drum & Bass gets the official recognition it deserves. So for every fan of Liquid, Neurofunk, Jump Up, Tech, Dancefloor, Breaks, Jungle, Half-time or any other style, we need to unite once more (let’s face it, we’re wicked at it!) to cement this day as official and to celebrate an influential, unmistakable and iconic genre in dance music.

On the day and in the run-up to the 17th April, The Blast will be celebrating with a dedicated schedule of activities featuring some very special guests TBC. The community can keep track and make your voices heard by tagging #DrumAndBassDay on social media, telling them where and how they’re celebrating. Keep an eye out on their social media pages – @drumandbassday.

With probably the most loyal and dedicated fans in the underground music scene, the love for Drum & Bass stretches far and wide. Often neglected by the mainstream (pffft), the scene has continued to flourish thanks to the amazing support of the worldwide D&B family. We hope that, together, we can firmly stamp Drum & Bass Day on the calendar and spread a little love in these tough times.

When we unite, we can achieve incredible things!

Sign the petition and follow Drum & Bass Day below: