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Junglist Network launch their 2019 DJ Competition


Junglist Network are notorious for supporting up and coming Jungle DJ’s and sponsoring events all over the world. They have recently launched their DJ Competition for this year. All the information you need is below!

Make it through 3 rounds to take 1st place and win a tonne of prizes and lots of opportunities to help you make it as the Jungle DJ you always dreamed of being. Junglist Network will support the winner for at least 1 year. Working hard to help push their sets and sound out to thousands of Junglists, helping them get shows across the World, giving advice on social media and promotions and generally helping you get as far as they can in a year.

Their last 2 winners were Walshy Selecta and DJ Twitch, both have released their own version of their Future Classics CD and have been rocking their clothing since they won.

They want to support Worldwide Junglist DJ Talent and help people with a real ear for it and talent to take their DJ’ing from a hobby into a career.


1st Prize
New pair of Sennheiser DJ Headphones (HD-25 or equivalent)
The chance to mix and work on our 3rd CD. Junglist Network Future Classics 3 will have all the tracks chosen and be mixed by the winner.
Fresh Jnglst clothing T-Shirts and clothes throughout the year (t-shirts, hoodies, caps and all our new collections throughout the year)
Jnglst Yardrock Bag to carry your headphones and Mp3 sticks
1 pair of Jnglst slipmats
3 sets at Jungle events across the UK
1 Live radio broadcast live on Junglist Network with a headline DJ and MC
Press releases and interviews on their website and sent out to their database about you and your upcoming projects
Future Classics CD
Remember the Rollers and Everyday Junglist Vinyl

2nd Prize
3 T-Shirts of your choice from Junglist Networks shop
A Yardrock Jnglst Bag
Future Classics CD
Remember the Rollers and Everyday Junglist Vinyl

3rd Prize
A T-Shirt of your choice
A Yardrock Jnglst Bag


The competition will take part over 3 rounds, all mixes must be original and not be posted anywhere else online and all must be at least 50% Jungle (of any kind).

They are looking for original, talented mixing and great tune selection!

Closes on the 31st of March

You will need to produce a 30 – 40 minute mix which you will then upload your track to either Mixcloud, Youtube, Facebook videos, or Soundcloud and call the Track “Junglist Network DJ Competition entry by DJ __”. Download the Competition artwork HERE and include it as the artwork for your mix.

Make sure you tag Junglist Network in any posts about the mix and feel free to share it around on your social networks.

This round will be decided by Junglist Network and they will be picking the 20 best mixes based purely on skills and track selection.

If you make it through to Round 2 you will be asked to make a fresh new mix which is 20 minutes long and send it to Junglist Network via Sendspace, Dropbox etc. They will then post all of the mixes onto their various channels and share them with the public. The DJ’s that get the most likes, comments, shares etc will go through to the next round. You will be limited to sharing your post to 5 times, so use them wisely!

Ding Ding Round 2 – Only 5 DJ’s will get through this round to the Finals!

The Video Mix. The 5 Finalists will be asked to Mix a 10 – 15 minute mini mix with at least 8 tracks in it, on video and these will be uploaded to Junglist Network’s Facebook and YouTube channels.

A panel of Jungle experts will then judge you and pick the winner. (This year’s panel will include DJ’s, Promoters and last years Winner DJ Twitch)

The winner will then be announced and the victor will, of course, go on to be at least as big as Andy C (we cannot guarantee this though)!

Good Luck Everyone!


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