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DJ Rap & Propa Talent drop rising talent EP ‘Saviour Remixes’


Propa Talent is proud to present, the release of the ‘Saviour Remixes’ EP, featuring 10 Drum & Bass tracks that cover every vibe of D&B from liquid to jump up, rollers, and beyond. This release marks the first major opportunity for many of these new producers, and Propa Talent are proud to showcase their talents to the world.

The EP was born out of DJ Rap‘s desire to give new producers a chance to shine. She created the ‘Saviour Remix Contest’ and was amazed by the response, receiving a massive 658 entries/remixes from all over the world. The winners were chosen by DJ Rap and are now featured on the EP, providing a platform for their unique styles and creativity.

‘Saviour Remixes’ showcases the diversity of Drum & Bass music, with tracks that will appeal to fans of all sub-genres. This EP is a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of supporting emerging talent in the music industry.

Propa Talent is excited to bring this EP to the world, and invite you to listen to these talented new producers and their takes on DJ Rap’s hit song ‘Saviour’.

‘Saviour Remixes’ is available exclusively on Beatport and Spotify now and will be available everywhere else on Friday 26th May. Check it out below and grab yourself a copy and support these stars of the future! Link here!

Saviour Remixes cover

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