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Balearic Breaks founders Jazzy & Jay drop ‘No One Else / Ronnie Scott’s’


Balearic Breaks releases stunning two-track EP entitled ‘No One Else / Ronnie Scott’s’ by founders Jazzy and Jay.

Ibiza’s first and only Drum & Bass label, Balearic Breaks, has been making waves in the D&B scene with its exceptional and soulful releases. Boasting an expanding roster of talented artists, including Skuff, Motiv, Hadley, Surreal, DuoScience, Noppo, and Ewan Sim and Sahala. The label is set to introduce even more impressive names this year.

Adding to their already impressive lineup, founders Jazzy and Jay are releasing a stunning two-track EP, featuring Sahala on vocals.

The A-side titled ‘No One Else’ is a captivating track, overflowing with soulful energy, making it an absolute must-listen for Drum & Bass enthusiasts. The track features a jazzy production and showcases Sahala’s captivating vocals.

The AA-side, ‘Ronnie Scott’s’, pays tribute to the legendary jazz venue in London, infusing various sounds and influences from the bygone era to create a real roller of a track.

It’s worth noting that Jazzy and Jay have created this EP based on their current feelings and inspirations, with Darren Jay making his return to music after a decade-long hiatus and Jazzy having his last major release under his house music alias more than 5 years ago.

Jazzy and Jay’s EP is a must-listen for anyone looking for fresh and innovative sounds in the Drum & Bass scene and fans of Balearic Breaks can look forward to exciting and diverse future projects from this dynamic duo.

Check out our premiere of ‘Rpnnie Scott’s’ below. The release drops today (Thursday 9th March) and is available for you to get your hands on from here!

No One Else / Ronnie Scott's cover

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