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Premiere: Josh Brown – Want 2


One of our Top 40 Labels from 2016 are back with their next release in 2017, This Ain’t Bristol are welcomingBrighton based Wunderkind Josh Brown for this forthcoming EP. Once again showing off his versatility and capturing the current zeitgeist of European underground dance music while not neglecting his UK roots at any time.

The 3 Track EP really shows of his skills with a house track, a techno track and a jungle record. We premiere ‘Want 2‘, which is a warehouse anthem everybody is seeking for desperately without asking for nothing. It’s that track the bar tender leaves the bar for to rush the DJ because Shazam failed to deliver. This is not even made up and happened on a regular during our US tour and reportedly in clubs all across Europe. #Techno can stay in the box as Josh has came here to deliver!

Grab a copy from here