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Lauhaus & Mario Franca combine on ‘Deep Breath’


Lauhaus & Mario Franca sign YET! Records’ new release the “Deep Breath” EP, to be released on 9th of December.

Lauhaus, from Amsterdam, has a career that goes back for more than two decades, the time during which he has consecrated himself as one of the key electronic figures in the Dutch scene. His characteristic sound that moves in a fine line between house and techno with a strong underground character has contributed to this. Sushitech, Cocoon, Viva, Rejected, Circus Company and MFD are just some of the labels that have released his productions.

Mario Franca also has more than two decades of professional experience under his belt during which he has developed a wide and rich sound that oscillates between deep house, house, minimal tech and tech-house. On top of this, the Portuguese artist always has his ears and eyes on the most avant-garde sound which allows him to experiment.

Now, Lauhaus & Mario Franca have joined forces to create “Deep Breath”. An EP formed by two tracks, one original mix and one remix by Jee Bear. Our premiere, “Deep Breath” emits its own life since the first instant. Its rhythm captivates with charm and elegance and it sees itself skillfully complemented by a wide range of elements that are added through its development.

Check out ‘Deep Breath’ below.


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