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Hathor Libra releases ‘Omukade’ with Marbox remix


One year after, Hathor Libra is back on Larry Cadge’s Smiley Fingers label with “Omukade’.

This release represents a renewed in style by substantial basslines and bipolar atmospheres and include four remixes, filled with house, melodic and powerful techno, alongside Marbox, Yin Yang Bangers, Kliz and Fabio Conca.

Marbox is an Italian Dj & Producer, class ’96, established in Turin. Coming from San Severo, showed Interest to electronic music from an early age, started his djing career in 2014, playing in the clubs around his town, experiencing immediate success and approaching to producing word the year later.

Marbox, Ying Yang Bangers and Kliz meet for a huge re-interpretation using the powerful synth to awaken your sense of majesty.