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Fullstep Phil returns to Monk Audio with ‘Hopscotch’


Filip Kiš, better known as Fullstep Phil, is a name that you may not have heard of just yet, but you will be very soon. Hailing from Osijek, Croatia, Fullstep Phil is one of those young producers who is already managing to define their sound. First getting into electronic music at the age of 13, Filip began exploring all of the genres within this spectrum and fell in love with the heavier styles. A keen parkour practitioner, it was one of his peers who showed him the likes of Pendulum and Noisia while on one of their parkour runs and Fil was hooked by the rhythm and energy in the tracks.

The DnB scene within Croatia is slowly blossoming, but it took some convincing from Filip for one of his friends to join him at their first DnB event, a VuBas night with DLR and Gusto back in 2014. From then on they would attend more and more events, gaining more and more insight into the scene and how great the music was. Opportunities in Croatia for drum and bass can be few and far between unless you’re already well established but this hasn’t stopped young Filip growing. Already a Monk Audio and VuBass resident, Fullstep Phil has performed at festivals like Hospitality On The Beach and Exit Festival and is on the rise across Europe.

He began messing around with FL Studio back in 2016, producing a wide array of tracks from DnB to UKG. It was VuBass resident Kula who first noticed his productions and brought him onto one of their line ups and before long Fullstep Phil was a fully fledged VuBass resident.

2019 was Filip’s biggest year to date, his bootleg of Kiko Bun’s ‘Shy Man’ is still doing the rounds on Soundcloud as we speak. The latter half of the year saw the Fullstep release his debut EP ‘Generation Kill’ on Monk Audio, a complete newcomer to the UK scene, the release did very well – reaching top 10 on Juno.

The Croatian wonderkid has been working hard behind the scenes since last autumn and his new release ‘Hopscotch’ has already been making waves, gaining track support from Levela, Klinical and Ray Keith amongst others. There ain’t no half steppin’ here only stabby synths and pacy drum breaks to keep you grooving long past the sun’s rising.

Today we premiere ‘Hopscotch’ which drops on 4th May on Juno (check back for the buy link). To go alongside ‘Hopscotch’ there is a free download of ‘Step’ available from Monk Audio’s SoundCloud here