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DSP returns to Symmetry Recordings for his latest EP


DSP releases his ‘Destination EP’ on Symmetry Recordings on Friday 26th April. Since receiving an amazing amount of support from the drum & bass world’s biggest names, DSP has continued to draw on his junglist roots. This has led him to make the type of dnb which he’s become known for. His personal influences range over a variety of styles, merging both the lighter and darker sides of the genre which he’s dedicated his life to. Headed up by Break, one of the most sought-after artists in drum & bass, Symmetry Recordings is the perfect home for DSP’s productions.

The vibe throughout his ‘Destination EP’ was planted by the positive feedback his last single ‘Unruly’ and ‘These Days’ on Symmetry received. The original aim was to bring the old school, jungle feels to his sound, updating this with the contemporary studio techniques also used for other types of music.

This is one of the key reasons why Break brought him into the Symmetry family. After such high praise for his previous release on the label, it was time for the producer to make the most of the decades he’s spent committed to drum & bass.

We premiere the title-track of the EP ‘Destination’ which is a testament to DSP’s old skool roots, rolling through with patches of cascading drum beats and jungle-esque samples.

Check it out below and grab a copy from here