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Damage Report returns to Holographic Audio


Next up on the release schedule for Holographic Audio is Damage Report as he makes his return to the imprint with ‘Buss The Roof’. This follows on from his previous offerings of ‘The Jitters’ EP and ‘The Pogo’ EP, both of which were great successes. ‘With ‘Buss The Roof’ Damage Report is back with a slightly different twist on things as he goes more techy with this high energy track.

Damage Report first started listening to jungle back in 1997, when he stole my sister’s cassette tape. The moment he first heard jungle he fell in love with the music. He recalls the tape, Dr S Gachet B2B Ellis Dee. From that moment on he knew he wanted to be a DJ.

“I would not be able to name one person in particular who inspired me, it would be wrong, but to name a few, the likes of Nicky Blackmarket, Kenny Ken, DJ Hype and DJ Brockie also MC’s like MC Fearless, DET, Skibbaa Dee, Eksman and Shabba D. My favourite artists at the moment has to be Hazard, Pleasure, Guv and Ivy lab. They’re all producing some awesome music and I’m sure they will do so for the future.

The main style I’m trying to devolve is my OWN Style. I don’t like to copy anyone, I try and make music that I like and has feeling and soul, which a lot of music doesn’t have nowadays. My style of drum and bass would be dark, minimal, jump up kinda all rolled into one. A good way to describe my style would be thinking outside of the box. If I make a certain sound I try and build upon that into something that people would like to hear or even to dance too and for DJ’s to want to play.” – Damage Report

He has had a few notable achievements and this pushes him to be the best he can be. At the moment he puts himself at 40% of where he aspires to be. He’s so far had releases on Playaz, Grid Recordings, Holographic Audio, New Playaz, Higher Stakes, G13 and HighR8 Digital to name only a few, the list is actually much much longer than that! Damage Report constantly strives to be better than he was, say 6 months ago. He has supported and played alongside some top DJ’s like Original Sin, Taxman, Guv, Grooverider, DJ Sly and Pacso. He thinks he’s lucky, we think it’s because he’s worked incredibly hard and deserves it!

Check out Damage Report ‘Buss The Roof’ below. It drops on Holographic Audio on 17th July, you can grab it from here