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Reviewed: Do Not Sleep at Switch Southampton


Photo credit: Marc de Groot

Since expanding from its Ibiza roots, Do Not Sleep has gone from strength to strength and on Saturday 11th November it was Switch Southampton’s turn to be graced by the house and techno brand. Coming through with an absolutely stellar line-up the Do Not Sleep boys were on course to raise the roof as house and techno DNS (Do Not Sleep) honcho Darius Syrossian headlined the main room on the night alongside fellow house heads Detlef, Melé and Mella Dee.

After a short queue and the usual pre-rave business, we walked straight into Switch and were instantly met by the main room, a large open space lit only by an extravagant array of lasers and beams with the DJ booth situated bang in the middle of the back wall above the dance floor surrounded by some quite slick LED screens. We had arrived just in time for Mella Dee who was spinning and shelling out some funky disco selections, enough to have every raver dancing and moving in high spirits. Dee was belting out tracks such as ‘Mella Dee – Music Controls You’ and ‘Mella Dee – Take It’, some proper bouncy anthems really setting the night up nicely until the house and techno took charge. Before it was time to get fully trapped in the trance of the main room we thought it was the perfect time to wonder deep down under into the Bunker, a dark gritty room synonymous for its intimate, underground setting. Hosting the Bunker on the night was Ronnie Spiteri’s very own record label, Kenja Records so we knew just what we were in for when we delved deep down under. Tectonic basslines, rock solid club grooves and some thumping techno numbers, the kind of juicy stuff you’d love and expect to hear in such a room.

Time was quickly moving on and so were we as we made our way back up to the main room to get our groove on with one of the most exciting names in the scene Detlef, who had taken charge of the wheels. The Greek house head has established himself as a firm favourite for all clubbers since officially becoming one of the top five biggest selling tech house artists on Beatport in the last year and it was clear to see that in his set. Renowned for his thumping tech house remixes and productions, Detlef had everyone two-stepping from left to right as he slammed out some heavy hitters such as ‘Tennan – Everyday (Detlef Remix) and ‘Detlef – Pump Up’.

Now if Detlef wasn’t enough to get our shape cutting in full swing then there was no one better to keep the party going then the DNS boss man Darius Syrossian, a man who lives, breathes and sleeps house and techno. Syrossian didn’t waste any time and was straight into the action by laying down some proper thumpers such as one of his recent releases ‘Steve Lawler & Darius Syrossian – We Like To Jam’, the slow build up packed with beeps and squeaks met by a powerful bass filled drop had the whole place popping and everyone in full swing. It’s easy to lose track of time in the rave but when you start hearing tracks like ‘Darius Syrossian – Fugazi Land’ you know you’ve reached the point in the night, or morning you could say, when things start to get a little darker and it’s safe to say Syrossian took full advantage of that as he started to completely tear the place apart.

Following an hour of dark thumping basslines, it was Mele who’s turn it was to bring the party back down to earth with some party loving tech house vibes. Inspired by his love for Brazilian beats, Mele had the tunes worthy of closing up such a serious night by playing out tracks such as ‘Mele – Sunshowers’ and ‘Mele – The Latin Track’. The tribal, drum based sounds were just what was needed after such an intense few hours of raving, nothing too heavy and nothing too light, Mele’s selection was perfect.

Once again, another night, another rave had come to an end and it was time for the post-rave journey home. Do Not Sleep certainly lived up to all expectations and gave Southampton a night to remember and gave everyone a reason not to sleep.


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