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Reviewed: Nazca at Las Dalias Ibiza


Last Thursday, July 1, the expected Nazca event of the duo Los Suruba began in Las Dalias. Since last summer, Los Suruba settled in Las Dalias, obtaining a residency that lasted up to 28 weeks and that despite the situation was a resounding success. That is why this year, they return to the original vibe every Thursday and with a new concept that they have named Nazca as their label.

Las Dalias, which opened its doors in 1954, is a mythical place in Ibiza with a beautiful garden where events take place. When you enter Las Dalias, you can already breathe peace. When entering the Nazca party, it seems that you are being teleported to one of those raves from the 90s in the middle of the Ibizan countryside. Fluorine colours, decorations that hang over your head, the Nazca flower, a Dalia that crowns the cabin, and what is more important, all bathed into the wonderful energy that this duo and all their collaborators transmit.

Last Thursday, Nommars opened the event; he collaborated with Los Suruba in Las Dalias for some time, making himself known and loved. He accompanies us with his enveloping music curated at 114-119 bpm that leaves no one indifferent, taking into account that at that speed, the music is greatly appreciated. It’s a good start that manages to perfectly integrate the people, warming up for the duo.

It is around 10 o’clock at night that Nommars gives way to Los Suruba, who begin their set with one of their mythical songs, ‘El Abuelo’. In the cabin, there is a sign that Nazca Records identifies with that says: “Memories Of The Future”. It is perhaps a nod to a future hope, however, with clear inspiration from the past.

Little by little, the duo advances in their performance, infecting the entire audience with that beautiful energy that characterizes them. It is around 11pm when they put on a remix of a song by Lana del Rey, giving great freshness to their set. They always surprise with their mixes! How alive is the music and how alive they make it!

It is almost at the end of their set when they surprise again with a remix of Dubfire ‘Moscoman’ feat Eleonora Escape and that once again unleashes the madness among those of us who are listening carefully to the extraordinary session that the duo has marked.

At 12 o’clock at night, they finish and leave all attendees with a great impression of wanting more. If you are in Ibiza, do not hesitate to go to Las Dalias on Thursdays, you will find fun, a good atmosphere and of course, a lot of love, which is what they transmit without a doubt. It is with that love that they have created this new project, and it shows.

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