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Reviewed: Darius Syrossian at Joshua Brooks



For some time now many DJs have been calling for an overhaul of 60-90 minute sets. The format leaves little room for a serious connection with the crowd and can force them into a sort of carousel mode, as they frantically try to share their eclectic selections. If you are a producer with a handful of tracks and a limited library then this could be ideal… but for the crate diggers it’s a different story. Personally, I don’t want to hear a brief selection of tunes when I know there’s a goldmine. It’s like being Aladin in the cave of wonders… ‘touch nothing but the lamp’. The crew behind Boxed:Music clearly agree and set us up for 6 hours of Darius Syrossian this Friday at Joshua Brooks. Serious stuff.

A recipe for success need not be a complicated affair. To many artists on the scene, this may seem a foreign concept but certainly not to Darius Syrossian. This man has made a name for himself sticking to his roots and caring for little but raw stripped down house and techno and the people that appear before him to appreciate it.

To put things simply, this was a proper party. The dungeon session vibes were perfect for the exploration ahead, the sweat was dripping and the Air Motion Void install sounded crisp and weighty. This mans reputation certainly does precede him and we were all ready for a heavy night, but personally, I was taken aback by the pure energy and dark euphoria that Syrossian played with that night. The use of catchy vocal hooks on heavy 90s hard hitters went down a treat and many of the vocals had a ragga tint to them, a strange but effective combination. The key note of the night, however, was struck in the middle of the session as Darius moved into some really simple acid sounds. Alien-esque chuggy minimal basslines led the movement like a mothership calling to the basement. Layered with some Detroit, storytelling vocal styles – this hour or so really caught everyone’s attention and those that had been pacing themselves on the dance floor ramped things up. The mood was high all around, even when the sound briefly cut out an impromptu verse of ‘footballs coming home’ erupted through basement until the dance returned…

It’s safe to say this was a solid booking. Even after 6 hours, we were all fully absorbed and it was pretty clear that he could have gone on for another 6. It’s been said before that Darius has little regard for genre boundaries and is in it for the music and this shone through the whole set. Luckily for us, he’s doing it all over again next week…

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