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Tsuki Talks About his Debut Album ‘Redemption’


Red hot UK and Birmingham-based artist Dom Boyle aka Tsuki has consistently broken down barriers since he first emerged. He has previously been nominated for the Best Newcomer in the Drum & Bass Awards and in normal times plays shows all over the world.

Every new tune Tsuki creates is packed with big riff magic, booty-shaking basslines and hands-in-the-air energy and his debut album ‘Redemption’ is no exception. As always with Tsuki, each track finds the artist really cut loose with a raw jump up sound that is designed to get you so hot under the collar you’ll disown clothing for the rest of your life.

Tsuki’s ‘Redemption’ LP kicks off with the vocal anthem ‘Over VIP’ then takes in wonky synths on ‘Repeat’, smooth rollers like ‘Spotlight’ and the unhinged rave energy of ‘Pulse’ which is a collaboration with Cajama. ‘Bring The Sound’ harks back to the old school with its number drum programming and fizzing synths and ‘Fear’ is a maximal and high energy tune designed to blow up the club. 

Proving he has plenty of range in his arsenal, the second half of the ‘Redemption’ album takes in serrated weapons like ‘Thunder Shock’, massive steppers like ‘Identify’ and the relentless drum funk of ‘Euphoria’ before getting deeper on ‘Hypnotise’ with its heart-aching vocal and closing on the silky soulful grooves of ‘In My Head’. 

This is a monster new album from a producer on fire who sure knows exactly how to hit the sweet spot when cooking up magic in the studio. 

We caught up with Tsuki to talk about his debut ‘Redemption’ album (coming via Crucast), lockdown, gigs (or lack of) and future plans…

Great to have you involved in an interview. To start, please tell us how the year has been for you? It’s of course been a shock to us all!

So I feel like this year has been a rollercoaster for everyone. It’s definitely been a hard adjustment to get used to in regards to not playing at shows every weekend! But, for the most part, this album project was the main thing that has kept me on track in regards to my motivation and mental health.

You’ve shared a lot of great material, we’ll, of course, get into this, but how difficult is it not being able to perform to crowds and garner a reaction? Does a big part of the job feel like it is missing?

Ahhh it’s a nightmare! More frustrating than anything! We (artists) make music, primarily for ourselves, but to see the enjoyment on thousands of peoples faces when you’re able to test out something brand new… It’s something else! I can’t wait to have that part of the job back that’s for sure.

Prior to the lockdowns, you performed at the likes of the O2 Academy in London, Lab11 in Birmingham and in Leeds. Where’s been your favourite place to party and why?

That’s a tough one! It’s between the whole of the Australia and New Zealand tour at the end of 2019. Or my Japan debut in Tokyo in January this year (which was pretty much just before Covid-19 took the scene away from us). They were both places I dreamed of performing when I was first starting out, so to complete something you thought could never happen it has to be both of them!

Once we’re safely allowed to return to events, where is on your wish list to perform?!

ANYWHERE & EVERYWHERE haha! During the whole of lockdown, I was able to get back into a few clubs to do some live streams for events. To even be back on a club system felt surreal, and that was a good couple of months ago! So yeah I’m itching to play anywhere!

‘Redemption’ is out now on Crucast. How long did it take you to pull together all the tracks for the album?

I had the idea of an album for a long time, I just didn’t feel ready. I was constantly improving and evolving my sound into what it is today, obviously moving from just purely Drum & Bass to a mix of Bass Music and everything in between. I really wanted the album to capture that. 

In total it’s been around just over 2 years in the making from when some of the first renditions of the tracks were written. So yeah, it’s been a long time coming and I’m glad to have finally gotten it out there!

‘Spotlight’ is a hotly tipped track from the album, from some of the video’s we have seen it really does go off! Could you tell us more about the production of this one (or the album in general), also more on the vocals involved? How did it all come together?

‘Spotlight’ for me was a lot of back and forth. It took a while to get to the point where I was happy with it! In regards to the vocal, it’s actually a sample that was meant to just be a placeholder, but it worked so well it ended up staying put. 

I feel like during the production process I was trying to really focus on the energy that I feel a lot of my tunes have, and I know it’s a fan favourite for quite a few. After writing the melody and finalising the drums, I knew that it could be something special.

Tell us, who’s your most inspirational figure in the scene? Why are they held in such high regard?

For me, it’s Camo & Krooked. From my early days of falling in love with Drum & Bass, I still remember the first time listening to their music. ‘Cross The Line’ is an album that I’ll always love, some absolute classics in there and if you’ve never checked it out, or in general, by some chance, I highly recommend you do so! I feel like that’s what subconsciously guided me into making the melodic style of music that I make.

Are there any artists or music you’re currently supporting or listening to who you would like to highlight to us?

Definitely, my good friend Subsonic is killing it with his current releases and production. Wulflock is making some great Bassline heaters as well, so be sure to keep a look out for him in the future!

Speaking of which, one collaboration from your album is with Cajama with ‘Pulse’. What was the set-up between you guys when working on this track?

Yeah, Cajama is a great producer in the Bassline scene and also one to look out for in the future. We became good friends and had always spoken about getting on a track together. I remember I called him up one day and pretty much said: “lets go!” 

I think I got the first bassline idea down within 10 minutes of having put the phone down haha! And yeah, we just went back and forth from there! I think we ended up with a great finished product and it definitely highlights both of our sounds/styles.

Our final question is about what other projects are you currently working on and what are you most looking forward to in 2021?!

2nd Album? Maybe not just yet haha, but i’m going to be pumping out loads of new music throughout 2021. Also, I’ve still got one release to come before the years even up so keep yourself locked for that. Thanks for having me in for an interview!

Tsuki’s ‘Redemption’ album is out now via Crucast here


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