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Staying Healthy as an Artist with Max Chapman


In this video, I chat to Max Chapman about Staying Healthy on the Road, yes I said Max Chapman

Today, we have DJ Awards special Big Question!

This year sees new initiatives, new categories, and new industry awards. The DJ Awards is broken down into 14 DJ categories which include 8 music categories plus 4 non-specific music genre categories. This year’s edition is supporting 125 nominees!

Our focus today is Max Chapman, he’s up for the Tech House Award this year.

Of course, we spoke to him before he picked up his Breakthrough award last year about ‘finishing tracks’. Today we speak about ‘staying healthy on the road’

I chatted to max recently on messenger and found out he’d been on a health kick and trying to stay more focused. For those that have seen Max previously on Instagram knows he knows how to party.

In this video, today we chat about how he’s going about it, we also have two exclusives has he reveals his new label low-res and new promotion service for DJs.

Vote for Max Chapman: https://djawards.com/nominees/tech-house-2019/

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