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Reviewed: Viper Recordings at Egg London



As far as drum and bass rave spots go, you wouldn’t usually associate Egg London with the high octane package that Viper Recordings bring a long with them to every event.

Putting their stamp on the city on Friday 26th January with one hell of a line-up, the serpentine powerhouse effortlessly pulled out a party that subtly reminded us why they are at the pinnacle of their genre. Sporting a stupidly good roll call of acts including Calyx & Teebee, Tantrum Desire, Loadstar, Drumsound & Bassline Smith and of course the founding fathers Matrix & Futurebound; the Viper Recordings takeover at Egg London held absolutely no prisoners whatsoever.

The adjusted layout of the club especially for the night, accompanied by the well organised production value and branding really laid a great foundation for what was a progressively enjoyable night. A full capacity club teeming with likeminded DnB appreciators and seasoned ravers is only ever going to equate to a high quality experience in any reality.

From the warmup acts, right through to the headline artists; the sets throughout the night maintained an over-sufficient level of consistency but one hour stint stood out for me in particular…

A highly anticipated performance from duo Hybrid Minds did not disappoint in the slightest. Packed full of the tasteful and soulfully enriched sound that we have come to love from them, layered with a gritty and aggressive coating that comes with the Viper Recordings reputation; they had the entirety of Egg London’s basement in the palm of their hand from start to finish (not bad for a 12-1 slot either right?!).

Throwing in a multitude of vastly popular tracks from their back catalogue in between a mixture of crowd pleasing weapons and very cleverly selected gems, they clearly set out to leave us with memories that will bleed out of the tail end of the weekend; drawing the occasional smile that will leave people wondering what on earth you have been smoking as you make your way to work on Monday morning.

All in all, a well delivered night of what was at times gut-wrenchingly good Drum & Bass music; firmly supplementing the genre’s resurgent presence in the capital!


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