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5 Synths Misanthrop used to create ‘Analog ‘ LP

Misanthrop artwork

Misanthrop is no stranger to the international Drum & Bass scene. With more than 20 years of constantly working on his own musical and artistic visions in the studio (sonically and visually) under his belt. He was caught up by the dark sounds and menacing beats of drum and bass in the early 90s when he decided to produce his own tracks under the moniker Misanthrop. His trademark is without a doubt a combination of experienced production skills and musical intuition paired with an unrelenting need for creative and technical progression!

With his hard-hitting and distinctive sound, his back catalogue has a range of successful releases on which came on RAM, Blackout, Vision, Division, Shogun Audio, OWSLA, Mau5trap, Renegade Hardware, Shadow Law, Cyanide, Subtitles Music and his own imprint Neosignal Recordings.

As DJ, the south Germany based musician has toured most of the worlds DnB locations, clubs and festivals. His sets are known for flawless mixing, deep cutting edge funk and enough energy to split an atom.

His music gains steady support by international top acts like Amon Tobin, Noisia, Skrillex, Foreign Beggars, Andy-C, Koan Sound, Friction, Goldie, Skream, Alix Perez, Rockwell, Phace, Mefjus etc.

Misanthrop is more than one to watch, he has always been around and has just been waiting for the right time to step out of the shadows. His dedication and expertise can be clearly heard on his new album ‘Analog’ which dropped today (Friday 8th November). From start to finish each track is, for want of a better word…sick! Intricately formed piece by piece this album is a veritable work of art!

To assist aspiring producers and heads he has told us about some of the hardware and software he used to create this amazing new album.

U-he – Diva

In my opinion, it’s one of the best sounding analogue emulating software synths on the market. I practically used it on every track on the album. For example, I used it on ‘Deus’ for the main bass and for ‘Turbine’ on the main lead/bass sound.

UVI – Falcon

This is a great software synth with a bit of a learning curve if you like to dig deep into modern software synths. It can produce pretty much every sound and is so versatile. I do especially like the noise generator and used it for the background noises and percussion, like hi-hats, cymbals etc. You can hear the noise on the hi-hats especially in the track ‘Turbine’, but I used it on every track

Dave Smith Instruments – OB-6

One of the “real” analogue synths in my studio, which I used heavily on the album as well. Most of the time, I use it for jamming to a track once it’s “finished” to add a bit of “ear candy” (excitement, unexpected sounds) to the track. You can hear such an example at 1.18 in ‘Heute Nacht’, this weird atonal super stereo raven bird kind of sound effect… I love such distracting sounds.

Xfer – Serum

This is my go-to soft synth for pretty much all drum, percussion and bass related sounds. You can hear it throughout the whole album on each track. It’s very versatile and you must be living under a rock if you don’t know it and work as an electronic music producer. What I love about it, is that you can use it as a sampler when you import your own recorded wavetable with the right key into the wavetable editor in serum (not into the noise generator). This is for the nerds… You can create the wildest unusual sounds here in a very short amount of time…

Dave Smith Instruments – Tempest

This is a hardware drum machine, which I mainly use to make analogue kicks, with its self-oscillating filter, or for a moog like lead stab or bass sounds. One example is that intro stab on ‘Atlas’ that modulates faster and faster towards the drop.

Misanthrop’s ‘Analog’ LP dropped today 8th November via Neosignal. Check it out below and you can grab it here


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