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Raito release ‘Summer Of Love’ on Boys Noize Records


A year after the global, main-stage-scale success of “One Step Beyond,” Raito returns to Boys Noize Records with “Summer of Love” just in time to ensure he ends another summer with a euphoric blockbuster.  

If you remember that phrase “euphoric blockbuster ” from the rave scene in the 1995 film KIDS, then your head is in the right time and place.  Raito has cemented his position as today’s breakout star of rave revivalism, and his pastiche of huge oldskool hooks with sharp production grants moments of monumental ecstasy to staid house and techno sets.

“Summer of Love” is a five track maxi-single, including a radio edit.  The original mix is heavy on the house and light on the breakbeats, brilliantly building its rave piano chorus to peak-serotonin before dropping into something dark, bassy, and jacking. 

Raito’s “Rave Mix” ups the tempo and brings the hardcore, along with an extended breakdown featuring a monologue about unity that reminds one of The Orb’s “Little Fluffy Clouds” (although the track is anything but twee.) 

Our fave is the Alan Fitzpatrick remix and he does his techno-with-emotion thing masterfully, changing the body-feel of the track while adding a hint of the cavernous. 


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