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Pioneer DJ announces the XDJ-XZ


Pioneer DJ have announced the XDJ-XZ. The new all-in-one DJ system feels exactly like you’re using the CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2.

Choose whether you want to play rekordbox-analyzed tracks from USB drives via channels 1 and 2 on the XDJ-XZ or connect your laptop and use rekordbox dj or even Link Export mode. With 2 extra channels you can mix in audio from external sources like turntables, while Pro DJ Link enables you to browse tracks from CDJs via the 7-inch touch screen on the XDJ-XZ and sync them with your mix. Soon, you’ll even be able to perform with Serato DJ Pro, when compatibility for the software becomes available via a firmware update, coming early 2020. Want to play back-to-back? 3 USB inputs (type A x 2, type B x 1) make this, and DJ changeovers, a breeze.

The XDJ-XZ is available now at an SRP of €2,199 / £1,899 including VAT/at an MAP of $2,299 USD excluding sales tax.

Find out more about the XDJ-XZ here 👉 http://bit.ly/2JlNcSi


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